About a Prayer in the Book

Scanned Book Cover

“Lord, I thank you for your mercy.  I thank you that you love me–weaknesses and sins and all.”   This is the opening of a prayer included in the book.  In this prayer I go on to talk with God about knowing all about me and my parents and my brothers and sisters . . .

This prayer was not written specifically about me or about my family when it was written.  It is a generic prayer that was written after having been asked a question about how a person could pray for themselves and their family.   Sometimes people I’ve met have asked me interesting questions about my faith and my prayer life and about how to pray.  Sometimes, when I pray out loud with people spontaneously I wish that I would have been able to write it down.  This one happened to be one I was able to write down.  I’m not saying I haven’t prayed it for my family, but I am saying, this prayer is not about my specific family.  It’s a prayer that every family could use and it ends this way . . . ‘Lord, beyond anything else we can learn, teach us how to Love and help us to walk humbly with you as individuals and as a family, your family –united by your love and grace. Lord, teach us to love your way according to your will. This is my humble prayer, and to you be all the glory and dominion, now and forever.  AMEN



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