Do you mind if I pray for you?


Do you mind if I pray for you?  I’ve learned to ask this question over the years.  Most of the people I ask don’t mind at all, surprisingly a few say, not here – but most simply say yes.  One or two have said ‘don’t bother’ I told them I didn’t consider it a bother, one shook their head and walked away the other said ‘I do.’  Perhaps the people who consider it a bother have lost hope in a deep way.

I don’t know why I’m compelled to ask some people and not others but when I’m compelled I always ask.  I prayed for the two who told me not to bother.  Why not pray for them? What would the world be like if we only prayed for people who wanted it or thought they needed it?

Why is this on my mind tonight?  Because I’m praying for a woman with cancer that I met last night.  I asked her, as we were headed in different directions if she minded if I prayed for her.  She seemed so happy to hear the question.  Yes, please, please do, she replied.  I asked her if she minded if I put her on my prayer chains.  That would be nice she said, please do.  God knows who she is – I don’t need to tell the whole world.  There are so many people with cancer and sometimes you just can’t help being angry about cancer – it’s wicked and rampant.  Yet time and again people overcome it’s ravaging effects.  This woman has had 37 surgeries in one year to combat her cancer.  Thirty-seven!  She has hope, hope of healing, hope for a future, she talked about plans she has to do some fun things with people she loves and she talked about the blessing of having a man ‘like him’ to care for her.  She has a heart filled with gratitude in the midst of her struggles.  Today when I prayed for her, the verse about having the faith of a mustard seed being able to move mountains came to mind.  Faith can move mountains of despair out of our lives.  It seems then, that prayer can do the same.  The woman I met yesterday is living proof of that.  God Bless Her.

God bless the people with cancer and those in remission and those whose mission it is to heal those who suffer from cancer in body, mind and spirit.  Breathe life and hope and healing into their souls, their minds and their bodies.  Let their hearts be filled to overflowing with the knowledge of your love and care for them.  AMEN


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