You see gray and I see green

Why can’t people have discussions about how they perceive things without trying to persuade people to ‘see things my way.’ Sometimes it’s a language barrier, a communicative difficulty even if they are of the same language and culture so how much more difficult it is for people of different languages and cultures. Continue reading

Our Father or My Father?

for me the emphasis in this prayer is focused on the word Our rather than the word Father. . . In the Christian Church no one has more special ‘access’ to Our Father than another – we can all pray to God, we can all listen, we are all called to be in God’s family.
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About Anger and Stress

Our society seems to take two stances on anger – either it is 100% unacceptable or it’s funny. The Lord doesn’t think there is anything funny about our anger nor does the Bible teach that anger is 100% unacceptable. In fact we are given permission to be angry with an admonishment to not sin when we are angry.

Anger management is important. Learning how to discern what we are angry about is equally because it helps us express our anger in more appropriate ways and can move us towards taking some constructive action. Continue reading

A Good Picnic Can Reduce Stress

Take some time to read it thinking about what compassion fatigue feels and looks like. Think about the stress a person or group of persons might feel when they think they have left work to get respite only to find what they left behind right in front of them.

Take some time to think about how the fact that Jesus started teaching the people right away gave the disciples a little bit of rest. Think about how well Jesus cared for and provided for everyone in this story.
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