Wading or Waiting through Lent?

cross in skyToday as I was cleaning with my new air purifier that uses water to draw dust and junk out of the air I remembered a song I learned many years ago.  Wade on the Water . . . I’ll let you search for the song.  It’s an old Negro Spiritual that sings about getting off the dry land and into the water to find your way to freedom. And also about the water being stirred up by angels for healing.

There is another song but the title escapes my memory, but it’s about walking on the water moving toward Jesus, like Peter did.  And while I was searching for that song – I came across another one called Waiting In the Water and it’s a song about healing.

As much as people talk about lent being a season of reflection and repentance, it is also a season of redemption and healing, a season of movement.  It’s a season of transition, like late winter meeting early spring, it’s a season of waiting on the Lord with eager anticipation of brighter, warmer, better days ahead, new growth and a breath of fresh air.

Another song now comes to mind, “Wait for the Lord” by Taize  and finally the song ‘Oceans’ by Hillsong United.  Oh – I forgot about the song that is in the book, “Praying Our Way Through Stress”  It’s one that came to me many years ago and I gave it three different titles – one title was ‘Break My Will’ another was ‘Restore My Soul’ and the third title ‘Living Waters’  . . . . The copy I put in the book is titled ‘Restore My Soul.’  It was a song prayer that came to me when I was struggling over a possible career change.  The opening phrase of the song prayer is  “Break my will Lord and make it thine”  and I ask for ‘living water.’

It seems that each generation is called to wading and waiting for the Lord.  And sometimes it seems while we wade and wait, we forget that the Lord is near, indeed here, in spirit and truth through the end of the age.  The Lord himself is wading and waiting with us, for us, to remember . . .

Today I am remembering Jesus waiting at the well and the living water that Jesus spoke about to the Samaritan woman  who came to that well. (John 4)  I’m also remembering about how James spoke about being washed with water through the Word. (Ephesians  5)

Today I’m wading and waiting with Jesus, the One who washes all of us, women and men alike, with the Water of the word.  I hope you are listening to him as you wade and wait with him too. . . .

Scanned Book CoverThis book is available through Westbow Press, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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