Don’t Be Afraid

How often have you heard these words spoken to you?  What was happening in your life when someone whispered them into your ear or spoke them loud and clear?

Don’t be afraid Mary – she was going to have a baby . . . not just a baby though – this baby was going to be her savior, and not only hers, but the whole world.   Don’t be afraid?  Really?  That’s a pretty big calling don’t you think?  Being told IN ADVANCE that you are going to be the mother, not of some king or some military leader, or a president or a governor – no, the savior of the whole world.   HOW IN THE HECK AM GOING TO HANDLE THIS?!!!  I’m thinking that’s what most women would be saying – maybe that’s why God chose a younger girl – maybe she wasn’t hardened by so many life’s experiences . . .

OK, so let’s put some of this in perspective for our own lives – Because Mary wasn’t afraid, she didn’t say No.

How many times has fear of something caused you to say no?

It takes a courageous person to say yes to the angels in our lives that speak to us about letting the Holy Spirit overshadow us so that God can do something marvelous.

Doesn’t our Salvation from the world and all it’s troubles begin with saying yes to the Holy Spirit who guides us into truth on paths of peace?

Don’t be afraid of salvation – it’s a good thing – it’s personal and communal.

Don’t be afraid of letting God do a new thing in your life . . .