Remember me

Fluff FlowerWeedLast night at the UW Band Concert a young woman sang, “Think of me” a selection from Phantom of the Opera. The character wants to be remembered.¬† Isn’t this true of all us?

We all want to be remembered by people we care about and people who we know or hope care about us. is it egotistical to want to be remembered? Someone asked me this once and I told them no, I didn’t think it was egotistical. My grandmother wanted to be remembered and I’ve had teachers throughout my educational background who wanted to be remembered. In grade school we had a teacher tell us she would remember us and that she would see us again in four years . . . and we did, somehow many of us in her 4th grade class had her as our home room teacher in 8th. I had friends move and those of us who remained wanted our friends to remember us and they wanted to be remembered too. Over the years it’s easy to start ‘forgetting,’ People get busy with their new lives in new places, with new jobs, spouses, children and other interests sometimes we don’t remember people as often as they would like to be remembered, sometimes we feel other people have forgotten us. The desire to have someone think about us, the desire to be remembered is a common human experience, it’s one that Jesus experienced too.

Jesus wanted his disciples to remember him too and he shared that feeling with them in the upper room when he broke bread with them during their last passover meal together. His desire to be remembered so impacted their lives that people are still remembering their experience today. And through the shared remembrance we come to know more and more about God’s deep and abiding love for us and his desire for us to love one another. In breaking and sharing the bread, in lifting and sharing the cup we remember his presence, his life, death, crucifixion and resurrection. None of this remembrance can make sense to us if we are not aware of his birth. This year, during the Lenten season and the week before Easter, I was busy writing a story about the birth of Jesus. Jesus called himself the Alpha and the Omega – the beginning and the end – just as we can have no remembrance of any persons in our lives if they had not first been born into this world, neither could we have such a strong and remarkable remembrance of God’s presence with us if Jesus had not first been born. Until then, everyone was waiting for a Messiah. Now, we remember him as The Prince of Peace.

And there is so much more to know about Jesus than his birth, death, resurrection and ascension – there is his whole life in between, and it is all the stuff in the middle that give his beginning and end so much greater meaning. If all we remember is his birthday and the day of his death and resurrection, it’s so easy to forget all his ministry and everything he taught . . .

What do you think Jesus wants you to remember about him? Is there anything about him that you don’t know about yet? We can always learn more . . .

Lord, please keep revealing yourself to people in this generation through the reading and studying of your word and the sharing of your Gospels in word and deed. AMEN


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