Speaking with Urgency to Jesus about our children

Jesus and Mom 2 001 In Mark’s Gospel (7: 24-29) we read about a woman who came to where Jesus was because her daughter had an unclean spirit.
Approaching Jesus to come and heal her she might have been taken aback when he said she would have to wait for him.
Her sense of urgency took over and she said something to him that impressed him. And he told her because she said that she could go because the unclean spirit had left her daughter.

In this ministry encounter and interruption we learn that children’s physical and spiritual conditions matter to Jesus. We learn that Jesus isn’t provoked by interruptions to his ministry. We learn that Jesus listens to mothers.
We learn that the faith of a child’s parent matters to Jesus as well.

As parent’s what do we get stressed about in the lives of our children? What do we worry about? What are our concerns? Who do we speak with about them?

Jesus listened to the woman. Unclean spirits can appear cute and are good at deceiving people, especially children. I’m thinking that the dogs she was talking about probably were not the cute little puppies that you have in your homes, I think she was really making reference to the unclean spirits that were nipping away at her child’s good natured spirituality.

Speaking with urgency to Jesus, to God, to the Holy Spirit is a good thing to do. When is the last time you had a prayer talk with the Lord about your children or the children in your family and neighborhood?

In today’s story we learn that interceding for the benefit of our children is good and produces positive results!

Lord, in your word we read a promise that you will pour your Holy Spirit upon all people, children included. This is our prayer today – that you give children your Holy Spirit and cast the demons in their lives far away. AMEN
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