Our Daily Bread

In the Lord’s prayer Jesus teaches his disciples about asking for self and others. So often our prayers are focused solely on the needs of others or on our own selves. But in the Lord’s prayer Jesus teaches us to pray in plurals, not singularly . . .
Our (not only my) Father
Give us (not only me)
Our Daily Bread (not only mine)
and forgive us (not only me)
Our sins/debts/tresspasses (not only mine)
as we forgive (not only me)
those (more than one)
Lead us (not only me)
Deliver us (not only me)

Because thine (only God’s)

How often do we behave as if God’s Kingdom belongs to us? We long for what does not belong to us, but for what God desires for us to receive (thy kingdom come – where do we want God’s kingdom to come? I think it is into . . . Us – into our hearts and minds and souls and not only mine but into others as well – not only me – but we – us – pray for God’s kingdom to fill our beings) Why? So we can live in love with one another.

God loves us so much that God gave US Jesus Christ who in turn gives us the Holy Spirit to unite us as one family – there are many people in one family of God

When we pray Give us this day our daily bread – we are not praying for only ourselves to receive the living word of God and/or physical food – we are praying for others to be given the same thing(s) – – – and it seems to me that what we ask God to give us, is only appropriate for us to ask for others and also for us to give to others – It is the Word of God that feeds us, forgives us, leads us and delivers us. . . AMEN


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